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Reseller hosting is now the best way of making money through Internet. If you are interested in knowing who can be a reseller hosting provider then here is the list which would let you know what you need to have to become a reseller hosting provider.

In the first place always keep in mind that it is one business that will not be possible without heavy investment. Thus reselling is best solution for you if you want to expand the portfolio of your product and the vendors provide many websites which can be sold to third parties. You as a reseller can not only provide web space but you can also sell the maintenance and the publishing tools and thereby add value to your sales. Scripting languages Thus you can ensure that your customers get the best service as you are getting from your hosting provider.


Then you need to have a good reselling plan. Once you get a good deal then make sure that you can upgrade your hosting plan. Reseller hosting provider not only sells web space but they can also go for email hosting and this is in fact the most popular among the reseller hosting businesses. Therefore if you have interest in selling the email services and if you are expert in that you can sell this service and become a reseller hosting provider. To become an email hosting provider you need to include spam and virus protection along with email managing software and then sell it.

Another group of people who can become reseller hosting provider is the group who want to resell the services that they buy from their vendors. This can include the use of virtual private servers however such reselling should not impede the security or the performance of their own servers. If you want then you can try out this too. Thus you would become a virtual server provider and your customers would enjoy the support facilities that are provided by your hosting service provider. In the process you would gain money.


Louie's P&R is Herrin's finest Italian Deli. Established in the late 1890s, this community fixture was originally named D&R Market after principle stockholders Frank Detomasi and Ernest Ruggeri. The store was renamed P&R in 1950 when Detomasi sold his share to Charlie Parigi. In 1957, Louie Gualdoni became the owner and the store took on the current name – Louie’s P&R.

Louie’s son Tony and wife Alisa own and operate the deli today. The name has remained the same, but the store has undergone a complete transformation. Customers can still get the finest Italian sausages, salameats and other Italian favorites. Now, they can also order freshly made sandwiches to go or eat in the store’s dining area, equipped with free wi-fi.

Come see why Louie’s P&R has been Southern Illinois’ premier Italian tradition for more than 120 years.



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